The Circuit Mission Statement, produced in 2007, has stood the test of changing and challenging times as the Circuit continues to engage in all three elements.

To build confident faith in God.


To encourage Christian growth.


To strengthen community life
in Jersey.



Community Life

To strengthen community life in Jersey.

The Methodist Church has always stood for social justice (sometimes called ‘Scriptural Holiness), especially standing up for the marginalised, deprived, excluded and vulnerable.

The Methodist Church has, both historically and in the present, a high profile in Jersey which we seek to use responsibly, fairly but also actively, both publically and behind the scenes, for the benefit of our Island Community.

The Jersey Methodist Circuit is entirely committed to Safeguarding, making our churches and activities secure places for all to be safe in.

Beyond the Church walls, we engage fully in the life of Jersey as an Island Community, speaking our for those who need us most, being a critical friend to those in power, engaging fully in the faith community of the island, and meeting people where they are. Presence at major sporting events as well as pop festivals held here, has put us where we can hear and be heard.

We have two residential care homes Maison la Corderie and Stuart Court), a hotel (Biarritz Christian Hotel), a former church now used as a community centre (Samares Methodist Centre), a social services and youth centre (Communicare, a joint venture with the Church of England), and two nursery schools (at SHMC and Bethesda). Philadelphie Messy Centre is the hub for six expressions of the Messy Church concept, as well as being a local community centre.  All of these contribute to the Methodist Church truly being at the heart of Island life.

Some of our churches hold parent and toddler groups, which are greatly valued in a place where isolation is surprisingly common. A foodbank is available in SHMC, as well as a community cafe.

We also have Methodist Chaplains in our Prison, Hospital and Hospice, all of whom, working in ecumenical teams, provide valuable and much needed support to people in times of crisis.

We have a lively local media who are interested in faith based activities and also look to us for comment on local, national and international issues. A three hour Sunday morning programme on Radio Jersey is one of the many opportunities we have to share the gospel and comment on a variety of matters.

Methodist support is given where it is needed in the community. During the recent Covid crisis the food bank was greatly escalated and children and those in need were provided with activities and kept in touch. In recent years years the church has contributed to discussions on the Living Wage, Sunday Opening and equal marriage and has supported the LGBT community, the Jersey Fairtrade Group and the Jersey Disability partnership.

Christian growth

To encourage Christian growth.

The Creation Course recently (Summer 2021) brought together people from around the circuit over 4 weeks to consider how we as churches and individuals can be active in 'caring for creation.

Many of our Churches hold house groups, bible studies and prayer meetings, some weekly or monthly, some in ‘blocks’. Regular Saturday morning training sessions engage with leaders around the circuit.

There are two youth clubs in the circuit, one weekly and one monthly.

Faith in God

To build confident faith in God.

This we do through:
The eight Churches offering Sunday worship around the Island in all of the differing contexts of location, worship style and local identity.

Online services started in response to the Covid crisis and have proved so valuable that they are continuing for the time being.
About 20 differing expressions of midweek worship and activity from toddler, through family and young people, to elderly, brings those who cannot attend Church on Sunday Mornings into the worshipping and fellowship life of the Church.
There are two youth clubs in the circuit, one weekly and one monthly.

Ministers, Local Preachers and Worship Leaders, lay family and community workers and other paid staff, all play their part in helping those we engage with gain in confidence in Jesus Christ as their Lord, Saviour and Friend.

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