As one Christian to another, I can only throw myself on your mercy and say that I am totally devastated at the harm that has been done by the inclusion of these pictures in the original Sunday worship booklet. I apologise sincerely and unreservedly for the hurt and offence that has been caused. The images were intended in the context of the inclusivity of the Gospel and God’s love for all. In no way were they intended to undermine the campaign that seeks justice and equality for people of colour and ethnic minorities. As soon as we were made aware of the negative connotations of these images, an apology was issued and the images were removed from the worship booklet. This has all too painfully served to highlight for me, my lack of knowledge in this area as a privileged white male. I repent of my ignorance in being unaware of the way in which this slogan has been hijacked and used to oppress and silence the voices of brothers and sisters who stories deserve and need to be heard. As someone has rightly commented in response to the original tweet, yes, we do indeed need to be educated in this matter, and I am willing to learn. 

Yours, with a contrite heart, 
Rev Danny – Superintendent of the Jersey Methodist Circuit